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Mr. M.N. GUPTA founder of our group companies started his career with a strong academic background.

Bachelor in Technology (Specialization in Ceramics)- Banares Hindu University (Very old and Prestigious Institution of India)

Master in Technology - Indian Institute Technology (IIT) (An Institute of Global recognition)
After having a distinguished career as an engineering consultant with prominent corporations in India, Mr. Gupta was selected by "U.S Agency for Industrial Development" which helped him in orientation in U.S. industrial practices with an opportunity to work closely with U.S companies.
  In 1968 his first company - Ceramo Enterprises was founded. Starting with trading and distribution of industrial ceramic components the company has now matured into a Furnace manufacturing organizations making a wide range of specialized Industrial Heating Systems.

  Industrial Ceramics was started in 1980. The company under his leadership has now blossomed into an organization with global potential.

To supplement and cater to very specialized industrial requirements to Hyderabad Metallurgical Services Pvt and HITHERM were started.
  Mr. Gupta's name figured in the panel of Technical Consultants of United Nations Industrial Development Organization (U.N.I.D.O). Under the agies of UNIDO Mr. Gupta spent 3 years guiding prestigious assignments with the
  • Government of Sudan
  • Government of Jamaica
  • Government of South Yemen
  for improving the production efficiency, for process modernization and also for products development for the industries of those countries.  

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