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  Since 1980 it has been journey tinged with excitement. When we started more than two decades ago we had only enthusiasm to speak for us. Today we have a proud track record.

Spread over an area of 1 acre and manufacturing Operations housed in 4 separate manufacturing buildings with dedicated facilities housing the latest equipment and a highly skilled workforce.
Industrial Ceramics has complete in-house capabilities to design, engineer, tool and manufacture technical ceramics to customer requirements in areas of
  • High Temperature Applications (upto 18000c)
  • Corrosive Applications
  • Highly Abrasive Applications
Our goal - Excellence with a competitive edge made possible with constant innovation
  Industrial Ceramics has a wide variety of sophisticated facilities to ensure consistent production to cater to demanding specifications. The design of the plant ensures maximum flexibility.

Some of Our manufacturing capabilities include
  • Slip Casting
  • Die Compaction
  • Vacuum Extrusion
  • Tabletting
  • Pressure Casting
  • Pneumatic and Vibratory Compaction
  • Green Machining
  • Post Firing Grinding and Lapping
  Our firing facilities include
  • 10 cu mtr Top Hat Kiln 17000C
  • 8 cu mtr Trolley DD Kiln 15000C
  • 1.5 cu ft Electric Furnace 17500C
  Monitoring of material at all stages of manufacturing processes. Stringent testing of raw materials & finished products has ensured rigid quality standards of finished products. Total quality is our aim and we seek to achieve it through constant investment in the skills of our people, research and development, process improvement and by careful attention to the ever changing needs of our customers.  

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