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Crucible & TUBES for induction heating equipment  
LECO Crucibles are used for estimation of elements through the process of combustion. Samples in the crucible are heated to combustion temperature rapidly by induction in a few seconds. Our crucible withstands this severe cycle without fail. Induction furnaces are used extensively for heating of rods billets for forging application. Typical furnace construction consists of metallic rods passing through the core of spiral induction coil housed in refractory castable. Problem would arise when the castable degrades & castable debris sticks to billets eventually spoiling dies and leading to increased rejection rates.

  Committed endeavor enabled us to develop tubes having exceptional thermal properties. Such as  
  • Capability to withstand repeated cycles of extreme thermal shock (ambient to 15000 C in few seconds) repeatedly with out failure.
  Customers are advised to insert these tubes inside the castable core to protect billets from falling castable debris with the following benefits  
  • Reduced die maintenance
  • Reduced rejections
  • Reduced down time
  • Maximum temp of use upto 16000 C

  • Size - Outer Diameter - 35 mm OD to 200 mm OD
  • Length - upto 2000 mm

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