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      The advantages of using our slip cast tubes over extruded tubes (most commonly produced globally)
      Thermocouple Tubes are used to protect the sensing element at very high temperatures. The tubes are closed at one end. Inside the tube is housed the sensor or temperature sensing element.
      Failure of the Ceramic Tube can cause serious damage to the sensor leading to erroneous reading and very obvious losses in manufacturing process.
      Most tubes available globally are extruded. The process of manufacturing one end closed tubes by extrusion is as follow: -
  • The tube is first extruded
  • Closed end made separately
  • Extruded tube and closed end joined together.
      It is understandable that the joint is a weak spot. Our discussions with the overseas companies in Europe as also with reputed Indian Companies brought to light the fact that very frequently the tubes fail at the joint, sometimes very prematurely & sometimes even while assembling the thermocouple.
      Tubes produced by Industrial Ceramics are slip cast and the completed tube including the closed end is made in one single piece - there is no joint in the tube & hence no inherent weak spots for failure to occur.
      In high temp application the cost of ceramic tubes is substantially lower than the cost of the sensor. It is hence important that the service life of the tube be as long as possible, Failure of the protecting tube should hence be avoided. Using Industrial Ceramics Slip Cast Tubes ensures optimum and predictable life of thermocouples.
    The reason why the developed countries do not employ the ship casting process is because it is a very labour intensive process.
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